Dental laboratory

If you ask any dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry world class, "What is one thing that you said the practice would bring the work of a higher level?" most likely to respond "to have a specialized dental technician working with me.

I would help to have a better control and aesthetics that would exceed a relationship with a foreign laboratory."
To obtain an optimal aesthetic result, the dental team should have a clear vision of what is artistically possible and appropriate functional. Therefore, we own dental laboratory technicians and experienced and talented.

A dental technician is a very skilled artist to shape, paint, sculpt and burn materials subject to decay. A dental technician must have years of training in art besides dental technician training.

What many patients do not understand is that to have a beautiful replica of a natural tooth, each tooth is absolutely part of a special design, unique, and is hand made.

Each tooth is like a sculpture - a small masterpiece. Teeth can be sculpted to give a more masculine or feminine smile, sexy or sporty.

Our laboratory manual processes each tooth for a custom design that fits your face, smile and personality. Done correctly it looks and is perceived as natural tooth.

tehnician dentar Alba Iulia