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Services provided by our clinic

Dental clinic Remarc Dent takes care of your teeth's health from early age to maturity covering the entire spectrum of specialties: therapy, odontology, prosthetics, and oral surgery.

The clinic also has a dental laboratory, European standardized and a dental x-ray equipement.

Dental prophylaxis


is realized through sealings and fluoridations. Periodontal prophylaxisis (is executed with) ultrasonic scaling and professional tooth brushing

Aesthetic dentistry


a necessity nowadays - is realized through professional whitening treatments, endodontic bleaching, air flow cleaning and applying dental jewelry.



covers all kind of dental work, from the classic ones to those very elaborate; all being made in our laboratory but, also, in collaboration with other well known laboratories. The guarantee for a dental work is 2 years.


takes care of the art of "straightening the teeth", a work that is realized and achieved with the latest knowledge, concepts, materials and technologies, all of them in order to obtain an aesthetic and functional of long standing result.

Oral surgery

ortodont, aparat dentar

deals with complicated dental pathology, extractions, dental inclusions, apicoectomies, periodontology, dental implantology, pro and pre prosthetic surgery, on soft tissues and, generally, any kind of intervention that can be made with local anesthesia.



Endodontics is the dental specialty that deals with the study and treatment of dental pulp and apical periodontitis.

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